Home Listing in Affton

8534 Craighill in Affton is a house listed by Deerwood Realty.  We asked John Schink, the listing agent some questions about the house.

Tell us about the seller

The seller has been very easy to work with.  When we first met almost a year ago, I gave them some suggestions based on what I saw.  They went above and beyond!  The listing turned out really nice

What are some of your favorite features of the listing?

An updated bathroom:  The color scheme in the new bathroom as well as the style is quite complimentary for this home.

Hardwood floors:  The hardwood floors are original to the home.  Beautifully preserved and not too much of a gloss finish

Large, level backyard:  The backyard is huge!  I can just see people enjoying that space for years to come.

All natural wood trim throughout the home:  While the predominant styling of today might be to pain the trim white, this house has the original and natural wood trim as well as the original doors.  This compliments the color palette in the home.

Spacious unfinished basement:  So many problems get covered up in finished basements, it’s refreshing to be able to see the concrete walls and floor.  The basement has also been recently painted.  Lots of space to put your things and well lit.

The neighborhood:  The neighborhood is quiet and close to everything.  A lot of times, you’ll get a lot of traffic at the beginning of a subdivision as people are trying to get to their homes.  This house is just far enough back where you don’t see or hear a bunch of traffic.

Who is the ideal buyer for this home?

This is one of those rare homes where the house would be perfect for many different types of buyers.

First Time Home buyers:  The house is priced in a range where it’s actually affordable.  That makes it perfect for a first time home buyer.

Those buyers looking to downsize:  At just over 1,000 square feet, the house is perfect for those empty nesters or others looking to downsize.  The layout is quite efficient, and the small footprint should allow for lower utility costs.

Buyers looking to get their children into a quality school district:  Did you know that Affton High School was ranked #9 in the entire state of Missouri for 2019?  Parents would do well to at least consider sending their kids to schools in the Affton school district.

A value buyer:  Pick any two bedroom home in St. Louis County on a price per square footage basis and 8634 Craighill is going to be a much better value than places like Brentwood or Clayton.  While those cities have their own strong points, usually value isn’t one of them.

Anything else of note about this listing?

I think we’ve covered the high points for the most part.  Nothing compares to going to seeing a listing in person though.  If you are interested in this home, I urge you to call me or any of our other fine real estate agents at Deerwood Realty to schedule a showing soon.  I don’t expect this home to be on the market long.