The talk around the dinner table was interesting.  It started like this,

“You’re a real estate broker, I got a postcard with a picture of my house in the mail, how is that legal?”

I said, “They used Google maps.”

Someone else asked, “You mean they didn’t actually stand outside of my home and take a picture of it”


Some around the table were surprised, some were concerned about the food, and others weren’t interested in talking about much anything.

When you get a piece of marketing mail, do you wonder how they got the picture too?  It’s a picture of your home through Google maps.  The postcard my family member got even says on the bottom, “public information provided by Google maps.”  I suspect they put that on there to avoid getting angry phone calls from people who have not yet found the internet.  Probably just a fad anyway.

Did The Real Estate Advertisement Work?

You bet it did!  How many real estate investor postcards to you know of that caused people around the dinner table to talk about it?  And, that’s the point.  In order to stand out, advertisers have to continually find things that catch people’s attention.

I’m not sure if the picture of your own house on a postcard is played out yet.  In the past year, we’ve probably gotten 4 postcards from different real estate “investors” offering to buy our home.  As a real estate broker, I can sell my house just fine thanks.

Should You Be Concerned You Got A Postcard With A Picture Of Your House On It?

I’m not sure why you’d be concerned about it.  The picture of my house on google is from almost a decade ago.  The house doesn’t even look the same.  When I see it I laugh because of all the work I’ve done over the years to get it in tip top shape.

What Should I Do With The Real Estate Investor Postcard?

I’d throw it in the trash.  If you are thinking about selling your house, there are always buyers provided that you hire a real estate agent who will market your home.  A little biased, you should probably call someone from Deerwood Realty.  We know the St. Louis real estate market, and have suggestions on what will get your home sold quickly at a fair price.