One of the truest things in real estate sales, I’ve found, is that “It’s not about you”.  This is why we put our clients first.  A fascinating thing happens along the journey of buying or selling your home though, and that is your clients tend to get to know you.  When the sale or purchase of a new home is complete, there’s actually a feeling of loss.

Getting To Know Your Clients

We can talk about the ideal real estate clients all day long.  I will say that for me, the most difficult clients are those who just refuse to be open and upfront with me.  For example, if you definitely want to buy a house, but then never give any feedback on what you see, it makes things really difficult.  If you have a knock on your credit and you are worried you won’t be able to buy a new home, it’s best to tell me that ahead of time.  When we go to see a house for sale, and you give me your schedule for the week, I kind of like that.  For example, if you have a birthday party to attend on Tuesday, that means that I can schedule showings for someone else that evening.  This also helps me learn who you are.  In this instance, now I know you like birthdays!

Of course, there are times when I get too much information.  I’m not going to go into the things that my clients have told me but I will say that it was too much!  Let your mind wander and hopefully that answers any questions you might have.

Real Estate Agent Expectations

The reason I think people are cold upfront is that they don’t have a good sense of who I am as a real estate agent.  In truth, perhaps they have worked with real estate agents in the past who are fearful.  They don’t know what an awesome real estate agent looks like.  They aren’t sure if I am a real estate expert because perhaps they haven’t seen my sign.  With the rise of social media, I think many more people have a sense of who I am before we actually meet.  I think that has been helpful and a good part of social media.

When you get to know your clients better, the task of finding a new home to buy gets much easier.  This is because it allows us to eliminate properties for sale that have no chance of the client actually purchasing those homes.  As an example, when my client says, “I was fired from x corporation and don’t want to live in this area”, I know that we can safely take that area off the list, AND, not to bring up x corporation.

When you are listing a home for sale, the ability to learn and get to know your clients are very helpful as well.  When you understand what the sellers pricing motivations are, you are able to better negotiate closings.  For example, when you understand that a seller is not going to make certain repairs before the inspection notice arrives, you can better communicate to the buyers’ agent.  I once had a client who would refuse to repair a window that probably costs 100 bucks but she would have no issues spending 400 or 500 dollars to fix some flooring issues.  There’s really no point in arguing with someone because you’ve gotten to know them a little better.

Why wouldn’t you want to get to know your clients?

I know some real estate agents are all business.  They don’t want to know anything about their buyers or sellers.  I have some ideas on why that is.

  1. They market themselves as an individual but they run a team, and you aren’t going to work with them throughout the transaction. You might see them one time.  This allows them to keep their distance.
  2. They feel like they are intruding on their clients. While we all have boundaries in our lives, these boundaries aren’t the same across all people.  Real estate agents may very well enjoy learning about others but are very uncomfortable telling others about themselves.
  3. The real estate agent wants to sleep at night. Sometimes, bad things happen during a transaction.  Rather than internalizing those things or explaining them to their clients, they put up a wall.  In this way, they can avoid personal responsibility for screw ups.

When you work with Deerwood Realty, you have an advantage.  We learn about you so that we can better help you navigate what is oftentimes a very tricky marketplace.  If you are considering buying your dream home, or selling your current home, please give us a call.