We worked with Jan Stark to sell our home in University City, and had a phenomenal experience with her. She had actually sold us the home, so we already knew she was a great real estate agent, but she just made everything go so smoothly throughout the sales process.

It was a huge load off of our shoulders. She got great pictures taken, and did a lot to market the house – brochures, postcards, a couple of open houses.

One of the best parts about working with Jan was how well she communicated. Not only did she follow up with everyone who expressed interest in the house and handle everything once we got to negotiations and closing, but there was never a point where we felt like we needed to ask her, “Hey, what’s going on with X?” She was always on top of it, and always kept us informed.

We were house-hunting in another state and suffered a death in the family during the period that the home was on the market, so it was a tremendous relief to know that Jan was taking care of everything. She even went in and labeled some things in the house that the buyers had questions about during the closing process, since we were out of the state! At every point, she just went above and beyond from any of the other realtors we’ve ever worked with.