Silicon Valley Bankers will fail up, Numbers aren't working for new home buyers, and some tweets! 263
Deerwood Realty and Friends
Deerwood Realty and Friends
Silicon Valley Bankers will fail up, Numbers aren't working for new home buyers, and some tweets! 263

Had a great show tonight, here are some highlights

Started off with a discussion of how a real estate agent looks at a “hot” housing market….it’s not that great…And, what I like to do.

We talk about the Silicon Valley Bank drama. And we take a definition of “Moral Hazard” and see how that definition relates to the current federal efforts to “secure” the banking system.

30 year mortgage rate tumbled again today. What is this about? We take a look from mortgage news daily.

Most of the tweets tonight were related to the Silicon Valley Bank issue. One particular tweet got annoying…just because no taxpayers are bearing the brunt of the new backstop, the clients of the banks are. And, all will pay with higher inflation going forward.

Three articles

How to talk to your clients about a market correction. I appreciated the author defining her various of what a market correction would be. After that, the question of luxury home owner versus average seller…I think the care that should be taken should be similar.

A second article was about how real estate as an asset class dipped for the first time since 2012…It was a little hard to understand…

Finally, an article about how the numbers aren’t making sense for homebuyers. I totally get that. What is going to happen when the interest rates go down and home prices go even higher because of real inflation? Not looking great any time soon.

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Twitter is not real life?

Mortgage Rates came in at 6.57 percent on a 30 year fixed today.

Mortgage Rates Tumble, an explainer?

What is a “moral hazard”?

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Podcast Transcript

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