Have you ever walked into a vacant and empty home and thought, “no one lives here, they’re going to have to sell for cheap.”  As a real estate broker in St. Louis, I can assure you this happens every time one of my homebuyers enters a home like this.  As a home seller, what can you do to prevent this sort of this thing?  St. Louis homes listed for sale can benefit from a light staging.  What is a light staging you ask?  Read on!

A Light Staging Is…

A light staging is where you create a few “scenes” in the home that allow the potential homebuyer to get a sense of what can be done with the home.  Many homebuyers have difficulty picturing their stuff in their new home.  Light staging allows for them to get a sense of scale.

Light staging offers another solution to a problem most home sellers are never going to notice.  Everyone loves to look at pictures of listings online. No one likes that picture of two blank walls and an interior corner.  Light staging allows us to look at neat things inside the house instead of blank walls.

What’s Involved In Light Staging?

If you are working with an experienced professional real estate agent, they probably have tasteful stuff ready for you to use in the home.  At Deerwood Realty, we use stagers who are familiar with the current trends and understand the concept of light staging.

What’s The Difference Between Light Staging And Regular Home Staging?

When you go to stage a home for sale in the normal sense, you are talking about each room and probably at least one bedroom.  In light staging, you are only making little “scenes” throughout the house.  The cost difference can be dramatic.  Sometimes home sellers have items that will work in the light staging.  This can further bring the cost down.

Who Should Utilize Light Staging?

It depends. If you have a completely empty and vacant home and you are looking to hide some of the ugly, a full staging makes the most sense.  However, there are times when staging a home isn’t going to get you a sales price that justifies the expense.  This a perfect situation for a light staging.  Talk with your trusted real estate professional as you look at your options in your situation.

What Is The Main Benefit In Light Staging?

The main benefit is that it shows that the home seller is serious about actually selling the home.  For example, when your agent knows you are going to have trouble selling your home, it’s a good idea to consider a light staging.  You need a buyer at that point: It’s no longer about a particular price.

If there is a choice between light staging and completely vacant home, go with light staging.  Your downside is limited and you will sell the house faster at a better home.  Because very few real estate agents in St. Louis utilize light staging, those St. Louis homes listed for sale can benefit from a light staging in comparison to those homes that aren’t staged at all.