I work on a hybrid team in our real estate brokerage here in St. Louis.  Because we are an independent real estate brokerage, we don’t really get a window into the training, or lack thereof, in the large franchised brokerages.  Therefore, we try to put ourselves in other real estate agent’s shoes from time to time to try to figure out what they could possibly be thinking.  Here’s an example.

I am representing a buyer that must have a home under contract within a week with a closing date no later than 30 days away.  Because we are on such a compressed time schedule, we need to be looking at lots of homes daily.  There are certain days where it is a little easier to schedule showings than others.  For example, Mondays are usually reserved for listings that have offers received on the weekend and now the seller is contemplating the offers.  It doesn’t make a ton of sense to go and show houses that are likely under contract before my buyer can make an offer, so we definitely ask around when looking at houses on Monday.

Sundays are usually open house days.  If I’m showing houses that day, I’ll try to line it up with an open house if the seller and listing broker decide to have one.  Otherwise, I’ll show houses that don’t have open houses and then try to get to a few open houses on my own in areas where I work, just to stay sharp.

On Monday of this week, I scheduled a bunch of showings for my buyer who has to write a contract this week.  Of the 25 houses we were interested in, there was one house that defied belief.  The listing explained that they would only allow showings on Thursdays and part of Saturdays.  Are you kidding me?  In this situation, who is going to wait until Thursday to see this house out of all the others?  We aren’t.  Here you have a buyer ready to write an offer, but can’t even see a house to write an offer on it.  This makes no sense to me.

I’m curious as to how that listing appointment went on the house that can only be shown two days out of every week.  Did the seller just say “I only want to show my house twice a week”, and the weak listing agent agree and tell them that was a great idea?  Certainly, there are reasons to not show a house.  I’ve  listed a few reasons in another post on this topic earlier.

Let me offer some basic real estate advice.  If you are serious about selling your home, you must make it available to be shown.  When you make it impossible to schedule showings, buyers will move on.  Buyers and agents are fickle;  they don’t like to waste their time working around your schedule, and unless it’s the greatest property to ever come to market, they will likely move to another without a second thought.

If you have decided to list your home with a real estate agent here in St. Louis, and you have given an edict that the home not be shown except for two times a week, and your agent agrees to this, then there is something wrong with the agent.  Real estate agents are paid to sell homes.  They are not paid to list homes.  This is a key distinction.  No buyer is really all that interested in buying a house sight unseen so it is IMPERATIVE that you allow the house to be shown.

In the case of my buyer, we just put an offer to purchase in on another home, and I suspect the offer will be accepted.  I know my buyer had an interest in the area that this only show on two days a week home was, but it certainly wasn’t worth waiting until we were allowed to go see it.  As home sellers, please keep this in mind.  I can’t stress this enough.  When selling your home, you must make it easy for the potential buyers to come and see the home when it makes sense for their schedule, not yours.