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Deerwood Realty and Friends
Property Line Dispute

Today’s Show :  Property Line Dispute Leads to an Arrest

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What do we make of this story out of Long Island?


1.  What is the property line dispute?  Is a survey just not possible?

2.  Doorbell camera catches the incident.

3.  You are living next door to someone who has threatened to kill you.

4.  Someone, I guess the reporter, reaches out to the employer…is it Ok to try to get someone fired at work over this situation?  There’s a property line dispute, the neighbor threatens to kill the neighbors….but that gives the neighbors license to find the employer, call the press, and get this guy fired so he can never work again?  What do you think?  If the neighbor is representing the company, wearing a shirt, driving a company car, etc…that’s one thing.  If he’s at his house and hanging out on private time, it’s ok?

5.  Could this have been handled better?  How? Leaving the anti Antisemitism out of this story still doesn’t make it OK.  You shouldn’t threaten to murder your neighbors. 

6.  One bad neighbor.  One fellow seems to make the whole neighborhood go on edge.  Good neighbors are so important to everyone’s life.  This just shows it only takes one neighbor to ruin a good thing. Check us out at