The other day I was driving down Gravois in Affton when I saw a company with a name that really caught my attention.  The reason why is that it was a terrible name for the type of business that the company did.  It got me thinking about real estate brokerages and the names that they use.

Some Sort Of Real Estate Brokerage Partnership

By far, the most often names I see are a combination of two people’s last names.  I guess it shows a partnership, or some sort of professional corporation.  Oddly enough, it’s usually just two last names.  Four would be too many I suppose, but I do remember one commercial company that kept adding names.  Maybe brokers got the idea from lawyers.  Real estate brokers aren’t lawyers though, and maybe if you’ve worked with one they will qualify some statement with, “I’m not a lawyer but…”

Real Estate Brokerage Names With Locations

This is probably one of the easier ways to name a brokerage.  Let’s say you want to represent home buyers who want to buy homes for sale in Clayton.   What name would you use?  Clayton Realty, Clayton realty partners, Clayton associates, etc.  If those names are taken, use a famous street or neighborhood in that community.

Real Estate Brokerage Names With A Desired Outcome

Let’s say you want to put a desired outcome in peoples’ minds.  Trouble free realty sounds nice.  Done for you realty would work as well.  I don’t know if someone has used these names for real estate brokerages in St. Louis yet or not, but this idea of setting client expectations ahead of time works.

How Deerwood Realty Got Its Name

I grew up in Pebble Hill in Affton.  I loved the subdivision and when I moved back into St. Louis, I had an opportunity to get back into the subdivision.  Deerwood Realty comes from the street where the real estate brokerage started.  What’s interesting to me is that there are places in the country with city names of Deerwood.  For example, Minnesota has an area named Deerwood, and there is a Deerwood in Florida as well.  We usually don’t get confused with either place because the majority of our home buyers and home sellers are from the greater St. Louis area.

Adding “International” To Your Brokerage Name

A year ago, I read a new real estate book where the author recommended you name your brokerage something and add the word “international” to it.  Why?  It’s because the addition sounds impressive.  It works great with real estate brokerages where the person uses their last name.  We have a few people in St. Louis who must have read the same book because I see it in their names where it wasn’t before.

Trying To Build Trust Through A Real Estate Brokerage Brand Name

In all of the instances above, the real estate brokerage is trying to convey a sense of trust before they’ve ever met you.  And this is why that company with the bad name for their industry caught me off guard.  Here are some brokerage names you’d never want to use.

It’s Not My Problem Realty

It’s Not My Fault Realty

My Clients Are Beneath Me Realty

Just Buy Something Already Realty

I Have No Idea What I’m Doing Realty

You can see from the above that any of those names would accomplish the exact opposite of what you’re trying to convey about your real estate brokerage.  It’s funny, I think that some real estate agents could actually work for the fake name brokerages I just created and they’d have no issue with it.

When you look for your next real estate broker to sell your home or buy a new one, take a look at the name of the brokerage and what it is they might be trying to sell you.  If it’s strange or doesn’t resonate with you, there are hundreds of other real estate brokerages.