While I’m not 100 percent certain you can will something into existence, I can make a declaration.  There will be a book from me by the end of 2020.  Expect to see updates here on the blog and on our social media accounts as we put together more details.

What Is The Book Going To Be About?

There are probably thousands of books related to real estate.  The thing I’ve noticed is that they are all mostly related to home design, or personal finance, and none really get down to the actual process of buying your home.  Why is that?  I can think of a few reasons:

  1. There is a local nature to home buying. Buying a home in St. Louis isn’t the same as buying a home in Minnesota, or buying a home in California.  There is a distinct regional nature involved when buying a home, and that’s probably why you don’t see a lot of books in this area.
  2. It is assumed that people know everything about buying a home. Because we know people who buy and sell homes, we think we understand the process.  Also, on its surface, it really isn’t difficult to buy a home.  Underneath the surface, however, there’s a lot going on.  While any idiot could buy a home, not all of them will buy the right one.

Ever wondered how a real estate professional would buy a home?  That is what I’m going to write about.  How would I start a home search?  Would it be on Zillow?  What are the steps I would need to take to find the right home?  What would I look for in a home, and what would I look to avoid?  This is what will comprise the majority of the book.

Is The Book A Necessity To Buy A Home?

Well, no.  If you want to be left in the dark and believe that your real estate agent is really looking out for you and your best interests, it probably isn’t.  It will be for those who don’t want a bunch of surprises along the journey to buy their home in St. Louis.  There will also be a huge savings in time, as you’ll already have an education heading into your home purchase.  Who doesn’t want to save time?

Who Is The Book For?

This book will be for anyone who is looking to purchase a home in St. Louis.  If you are a first time homebuyer, there will be something for you.  One of the things I’ve learned, however, is that people who aren’t regularly in the market have no idea what has changed since their last search.  As an example, 10 years ago, everyone was worried that their water stop box would be below grade and be cause for concern.   Today, no one pays attention to the water stop box.

Also, 25 years ago the buyers looked for different things in a home than they do now.  Homebuyers looked at the HVAC, the roof, the quality of the finishes much more closely than they do now.  For many buyers today, they see design style as the most important thing in their search.  “Does the house look nice?” is a far more important question than “Is the roof leaking?”

Who Wouldn’t Benefit From The Book?

Real estate investors aren’t the target audience of my book.  If you are qualified to buy investment real estate, there’s no reason you’d need to read anything from me.  You know exactly what to look for in a new home purchase.

People who are convinced they know how to buy a home aren’t going to benefit from reading this book either.  I see this manifest itself a lot during the buying process.  Here’s an example.

Let’s say you are looking to buy a house and get a great deal.  You see a house that has a great price, but you tell your agent to offer 80% of the asking price.  What are you doing?  No agent is going to tell you that it’s a good idea, so your own conviction is going to keep you from getting the home of your dreams.

When Will The Book Be Published?

As of now, I’m only going with the promise that the book will be finished by the end of 2020.  I’m hopeful the book gets done by the end of the summer.  It all just depends on how many clients I take on and working through the process.