Have you ever heard the expression, real estate is about location, location, location?  It’s kind of true!  When looking at real estate in St. Louis, you can have quite different expectations by county, city, municipality, etc.  I’ve set a search for homes just below and above the $400,000 mark.  Click on the addresses to go to the individual properties.  Also, some properties move faster than others so if you click it and it doesn’t go anywhere, it’s off the market.

4050 Jacobs Landing, St Charles 63304


Asking Price:  $395,000

Square Feet: 2,880

Lot Square Feet : 13,504

Beds: 5

Bathrooms: 3 full 1 half

Garage: 3 car

At 395,000 in St. Charles, you get a 2,800+ square ft home within walking distance of the Katy Trail.  That’s not bad!

512 Lake Ave, St Louis, Missouri 63108


Asking Price:  $399,900

Square Feet: 2,752

Lot Square Feet: 2,178

Beds: 4

Bathrooms: 3 full 1 half

Garage: None

At $399,000 in St. Louis, you get a 2,100+ square foot home within walking distance of Forest Park.  In comparison to the St. Charles property, you have no covered parking.  Also, the lot is much smaller.  However, some people like huge yards and others don’t…it’s completely personal preference.


2700 Autumn Trail, Eureka 63025


Asking Price:  $399,900

Square Feet: 3,934

Lot Square Feet : 87,120

Beds: 4

Bathrooms: 4

Garage: 3

In Eureka, just off of Highway 44, you can get an almost 4,000 square foot home on 2 acres with a three car garage.   Look at what you get versus the home in St. Louis City.  Can you see the huge difference in amenities for the price?

2837 Woodbridge Estates Dr, St Louis, Missouri 63129

Asking Price:  $399,900

Square Feet: 2,768

Lot Square Feet: 12,197

Beds: 4

Bathrooms: 2 full 2 half

Garage: 2

What does 400,000 get you in Oakville?  Well, a 2,700 square+ square foot home less than 5 minutes from Bee Tree park.

Your Preference

In closing, it’s pretty obvious that your wants determine where you would want to choose.  Here are 4 examples of homes in St. Louis within $5,000 of each other for asking price and the differences in what we would call value can’t be more clear.  Want a huge yard, head to Eureka.  Want a ton of square footage for the price, head to Eureka.  Want to be close to the Loop and all it has to offer?  The home on Lake is what you are going to want to buy.

At Deerwood Realty, we look at what you want and then tell you where you are going to have the best chance of getting it.  You lead the search, and we work within those parameters.  We believe this process gives you the best chance of getting the home of your dreams.   If you’re just starting out on the home buying process, or have questions about what your home might sell for in today’s real estate market, don’t hesitate to call!