There are 5 main reasons I like showing houses in the rain.  It’s funny because I’ve had many agents tell me that they hate showing houses in the rain because “home buyers never buy houses when it’s nasty outside.”  This hasn’t been my experience. As a realtor who’s been given some pretty good reviews from my clients, Here are 5 reasons I like to show houses in the rain.

  1.  Buyers looking at houses in the rain are highly motivated. Let’s face it; when it’s rainy and cold, no one really likes to be outside.  If buyers are window shopping, they are going to cancel.  Motivated buyers aren’t fazed by weather.
  2. It’s a heck of a lot easier to see if the condition of the roof. In St. Louis, we can go weeks without a good rain.  Leaks in roofs can appear at any time, and if we give the seller the benefit of the doubt, it’s actually possible that they don’t even know they have a roof leak.  However, when a good rain shower comes through, that leak is going to show. Roof leaks aren’t an automatic disqualifier for a home purchase.  It is just important to note these issues when making an offer.
  3. If there are issues with the foundation, you will see them. Sometimes, a quick rain shower won’t show anything wrong with the foundation.  Walking through a house for sale when there isn’t any rain, you might see trails of water stains.  You might see shelves that aren’t completely on the ground.  And finally, you might see everything in plastic bins.  It may cross your mind that there is a leak, but without some sort of evidence there’s nothing you can do.  However, when it’s raining, and you actually see water heading towards the drains, you know something is going on. 
  4. During heavier rains, you can see where standing water is. I once had a seller who had a driveway leading to the back of their house.  In the summer, everything looked normal UNLESS there was rain.  When it rained, water from the neighbor’s yard and the gutters would pool in the driveway and the water was easily two or three feet deep! 
  5. It’s easier to know the condition of the gutters. If water is pouring out of the gutters causing an overflow situation, that’s not a good thing.  Water can get behind the gutters and cause all sorts of problems.  Also, it’s kind of an indication about how the seller takes care of the property.  If the gutters are clogged, what other maintenance items are being neglected?


If we take the approach that sellers are truthful on their disclosures, some of the above items might not be disclosed when making a home purchase.  The opportunity to see issues in the rain that you otherwise wouldn’t have seen gives you a huge advantage when making an offer to purchase the home.  The next time it’s raining and you’re looking at houses, keep this in mind.  Or just call Deerwood Realty, and we will point the issues out for you!


John Schink is a real estate broker in the St. Louis metropolitan area who specializes in full service listings and buyer agency.  He is a member of both the Saint Louis and Jefferson County Boards of Real Estate.  If you are looking to buy a home for sale in Saint Louis, Missouri or the surrounding metropolitan area or considering selling your home, or for general real estate related inquiries, he can be reached at 314-707-4821 or