Lots to discuss on the show tonight…not sure if it’s because I had taco Tuesday with the family or what. Let’s get to it.

We started the show looking at an article about claimed identity rather than claimed heritage. A college president in Canada is under fire for using her identity to possibly further her career…but in any case, an interesting story as it relates to identity and heritage.

A second article looked at Dove, subsidiary of Unilever, using social media to promote their soap under the guise of representation of obese people in film. Are they right to do so? We discuss.

Fascinating tweets, for example, Kira Mason’s research indicates that in Philadelphia it is somewhat common for offers to be accepted under the asking price. That’s crazy because it doesn’t seem to be the case here in St. Louis, MO.

Amy Nixon tweets about affordability and the credit crunch when raising children and it is truly a miracle that people are living off such huge credit utilization.

Three articles rounded out the show.

  1. You should probably use a local expert in this market to sell your home…if you are actually wanting to sell your home. But what if you are reading information and not quite sure you want to actually sell. Even more important to find a local real estate expert. In St. Louis and the surrounding counties, I suggest calling me first 😉
  2. The second article was about title insurance. What is it? Why do you need it?
  3. The final story was about Compass brokerage and their effort to break even in 2023 by whacking many of their employees and stagnant agent count. Will be something to watch going forward.

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Mortgage Rates came in at 6.75 percent on a 30 year fixed today.

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