The other day I was driving along a somewhat busy road in South County on my way to a listing appointment.  I happened to see a real estate sign in someone’s yard.  It just had a name, and then said real estate expert.  This was a rather strange moment for me.  On one hand, I’m a real estate expert.  On the other, I don’t have a sign declaring that in my front yard.  Do I need one?

Real Estate Professionals

Real Estate agents like to be considered professionals in the mold of a doctor or a lawyer.  One of the more accomplished agents in St. Louis used to use a story in her listing presentation.

“Based on the comparable properties in the area I think your house should sell for x.  Now, I’m a professional, so you must not question my advice.  After all, you’d never question how a doctor goes about his business.”

I’ve often chuckled to myself about how silly that logic is.  It’s not even designed to be helpful to the client; it’s designed to keep your client from thinking you don’t know what the heck you’re talking about.  Doctors aren’t infallible.  No one is.

Out of curiosity, Have you ever seen a lawyer put a sign in their yard with their name and then “expert lawyer” underneath?  How about a dentist?  A doctor?  I’m trying to think of any of the professions where one puts a sign in their yard calling themselves an expert.  I can’t think of any.

Sign not needed

I’ve decided we don’t need a sign in our yard that says “real estate expert” at Deerwood Realty.  My thinking is that if I need a sign to prove my expertise, I’m already in trouble.  Our work revolves around helping our client navigate real estate sales in the simplest way possible.  Our expertise is gained through working with clients on a daily basis who are motivated to sell or buy a new home.  Our expertise is not granted via declaration by sign.

Here’s a tip for real estate expert sign guy.  No one cares.  No one sits around and says, I need a real estate expert, I think I’ll call that guy who says he is an expert on his sign.  People want to know exactly what you will do for them.  How you can be of service to them.  Can you help them buy a home at the best possible price?  Can you help them sell their home quickly, for the best price, with the lowest amount of stress?  Focus on the benefits you offer.  It isn’t about you.