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On the livestream today we spent majority of the time talking about what has happened to Nick Rekieta of Rekieta Law. One of the top earners for livestreams on YouTube last year, he has been suspended for 7 days that is now on day 10. Doesn’t seem like a great way to treat creators and we discuss. His channel link can be found here

After that, we discussed the curious case of a San Francisco couple who has been fined for using their own driveway….which has been a driveway with picture proof since at least 1938! Unsurprisingly, code enforcement has taken the moral high ground here and the citizens are left reaching out to media in the hopes of shining a light on this silly event.

We had to cut the stream short tonight…I’m sorry but the real estate biz was working in overtime.


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First off: a welcome it’s great to be able to be with you today

“The single most important decision you make is where you live.

It drives your business opportunities, relationships, food and water supply, politics, activities, and day-to-day quality of life.” Naval

30 year fixed mortgage rate came in at 5.05%

Rekieta Law….what are we to make of this?

A. $1,500.00 fine for parking in your own driveway? That can’t be, can it?



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