57 realtor offenses

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Good day! Today we started off the show a little differently…going through a Youtube comment on one of the previous livestream videos. The commenter made a lot of good points.

Among them:

  1. Home sellers could be accused of being greedy. Coming to market 30-50,000 over any reliable comps is an indication of this greed.
  2. Listing agents may be coaching their sellers to come to market so high
  3. There is a sense of false urgency created by “social media realtors” and this causes a fear of missing out.
  4. The housing market is ridiculous and causing a significant amount of dismay or discomfort amongst first time homebuyers.

John explained why he is trying to be a counter to the social media realtor space, but it is tough. There hasn’t been a ton of support on the channel.

Next, John discussed what his younger clients learned when their friend bought a fix and flip. It wasn’t good.

We moved on to talk about Chip and Joanna Gaines Magnolia network venture and moving of some shows to HBO max

Can a zebra change its stripes? That is what John was wondering when he read about an agent in Canada that has just had 57 counts of real estate fraud thrown at them after previously serving time in jail for other real estate related criminal offenses.

Next, some levity. There are seo companies who build backlinks to your real estate website so that you can have more domain authority. In theory, the higher the domain authority the better chance you have of someone actually finding your website. We go through a hilariously poorly written article that focused it’s link on a real estate website in Northern Iowa.

Finally, Should a real estate agent attend the buyer home inspection? We talk about it a bit….more of an idea for a future show topic.

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First off: a welcome it’s great to be able to be with you today

“The single most important decision you make is where you live.

It drives your business opportunities, relationships, food and water supply, politics, activities, and day-to-day quality of life.” Naval

30 year fixed mortgage rate came in at 5.09%

Google Trends has us learning about the Magnolia network and changes with HBO Max

A. Real Estate agent can’t seem to catch a break with the law
B. Real Estate Agent hiring tips from an MMA website…of course I’m in!


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