As I think about my time in Real Estate and my time on earth, one question that has come up over and over again is “What is REALLY within your control?”  I’ve produced some scenarios below, and what I think about if they are really in my control as a real estate agent or if they aren’t.  Maybe you think differently?  If so, write it in the comment section below!

  1. Your buyer fires you. Is that your fault?  Did you act as a professional in everything you did with this client?  If you did, then it isn’t you.  Sometimes, buyers don’t actually ever buy a house.  It’s strange, but I’ve seen it happen over and over, so I know this to be the case.  In this scenario, let’s say that it is at least possible that you have no control over this.


  1. The home inspection comes back with red flags, ending the contract. Would you want your buyer living in a house that had issues that weren’t known or disclosed to them when making an offer?  I think not.  Did you have anything to do with the maintenance or repair of that home?  Absolutely not!  Should you have counseled your buyer to continue to pursue a home that had issues and try to save the deal?  Well, it depends.  Perhaps a lower offer price is in order?  Perhaps a realistic look at the repairs needed indicate that the house could still be a great one as soon as repairs are made.  For the most part though, I would say, no the agent is not responsible for a bad inspection report.


  1. Your seller doesn’t sell their house. I see this issue two different ways.   If your seller disagrees with you on price and features, and lists the home at a price that is way too high to bring in buyers, that’s on the seller.  This is provided that you have given them all relevant and available information regarding marketing conditions.  However, if you are cherry picking comparable properties in order to justify a high asking price and not one buyer comes forward, that is on you.


  1. Showing houses to people who cannot buy them. This drives me nuts!  What in the world would you possibly be thinking?  The real estate agent is totally in control of this one.  I will often get calls about a property where the person is never going to qualify for a mortgage.  Why would I show houses to that person?  I’m not a taxi service; I’m a real estate agent.  My wage is directly related to working with people who can afford to buy houses.


  1. Buyers or Sellers choosing another real estate agent. Oddly enough, this one splits both ways for me.  First off, let me just say that it really stinks to be first loser in a competition.  That being said, how often are you really in a fair competition with another real estate agent?  If someone uses their brother as their agent, were you really getting that listing in the first place?  Same thing with someone you’ve met at a gathering one time whom you find out a year later bought a home.  It’s not like they intentionally chose not to use you, they used someone they were closer to.  This isn’t about you 9 out of 10 times, because they were never going to use you in the first place.

The One Power We Have As Real Estate Agents

Some days stink as a real estate professional.  They just do.  You can choose to be miserable about it, or you can approach each day with a positive mental attitude.  This is the most control you will ever have in your profession and your life.  If one deal goes south during the day, don’t have it mess up appointments with potential new clients, and don’t let it bleed into your other work for the day.  As an alternative to having and maintaining a positive mental attitude, what would be the benefit of being negative all the time?  There isn’t any.