The other day my wife and I made a Starbucks run.  While we were waiting for our drinks, there was this obnoxious fellow screaming business jargon into the air while letting everyone know that he had Apple Air Pods.  It got me to thinking about Deerwood Realty and how we sell houses with our words.  Here are some of the things this fellow was saying.

“We really need to drill down on the core competency”

“There’s no silver bullet”

“This should raise the bar”

“I’m looking for a value add to empower someone on your team”

“There’s some coachable moments here”

“I just think there’s a lot on his plate”

On and on, and it immediately reminded me why I started Deerwood Realty in the first place.  We sell houses with our words, but we don’t need to use every single catchphrase that’s currently going around in the office to do it.

I told my wife that he must be a big shot middle manager to have license to throw so much jargon around and actually be able to get away with it.  Most people don’t enjoy talking to someone like that unless they are in on the game too.

This awful jargon can creep into real estate sales if you aren’t careful.  For example, let’s say you are looking to move the inspection date out for your buyer in a negotiation.  “Let’s kick this can down the road.”

Or, you can use it when you are writing an offer.  “We need to raise the bar and show the seller that we are engaged.”

But really, is that something that you would want as a home buyer?  We don’t think it is, and that’s why we don’t communicate that way.

When you are looking to work with a real estate expert, one of the easy tells that you haven’t found him or her yet is if the person uses the annoying business jargon.  You want to find an agent who you can communicate with, and who is actually listening to what you are saying instead of brushing up on the hottest business jargon.

It’s not “thinking outside of the box” to keep the jargon to a minimum. You want to work with someone who is real.  Authentic.  Human.  Or do you?  Let me know in the comments section below.