Running a real estate brokerage can be stressful.  There’s business that you don’t have, business that you’d like to have, and then there are things totally unrelated to your business that can easily take you off course if you aren’t careful.

There’s one thing though, as a buyer’s agent that gnaws at me every day. 

The one thing that keeps me up at night is the thought of missing a scheduled home showing for one of my home buying clients.

It’s almost an irrational fear, I know.  If we take the Dale Carnegie approach, we should start with the question, “What’s the worst thing that could happen if you miss a showing?”  That’s an easy one:  The home buyer fires me immediately on the spot.  So, the worst thing is that you get fired, is that so bad?  YES!  Yes, it really is bad if I get fired as a buyer’s agent.  That’s food for my family that won’t be coming in because I missed a showing. 

Why is missing a confirmed showing with your home buying client so terrible? 

I can think of a few things:  For one, it’s totally disrespectful.  Can you imagine a home buyer who has been looking for months, maybe even years for the perfect house and you don’t even have the decency to show up to a scheduled appointment?  It’s basically saying that the buyer’s time doesn’t matter.

Another thing is that it’s terribly unprofessional.  Does your doctor forget to show up at your appointment?  They might, but his or her staff will call and try to move the appointment, between you and me.  In the years I’ve been a real estate agent, I’ve seen plenty of unprofessionalism.  I don’t think I’ll ever forget that woman who was showing houses in what appeared to be a prom dress.  Still, with all of the general barbs thrown our way in the industry, something like missing a showing for a buyer is just over the top.

I know, there are things I can do to not miss a showing.  I usually set two reminders and tell someone in the office when I have a showing.  I also print off all the materials and add the showing times and sequence so that I can remember.  

If we are being completely honest, I’ve never missed a showing during my career.  And I write this today not knowing if it is part of my effort to avoid jinxing myself or if I am going to miss one, get it out of the way soon. 

There’s plenty of reasonable excuses for missing a showing.  For example, I could get in a car accident or have a medical emergency on the way to the showing.  If I had an accident, I would call.  If I had a medical emergency, not sure if I’d be able to call but I would still feel really bad about missing the showing.  The home buyers I tend to work with are very understanding people.  They wouldn’t think anything different of me if there was an honest mistake or something like an emergency that took me off the home showing circuit.  It would still bother me though.

Have you ever had your real estate agent completely miss a showing?  Did you retain that real estate agent after that?  Let me know in the comment section below.