Real estate agents are told early and often that they need to “follow up aggressively” with a lead.  Some experts call for “bulldogging” a lead…calling them over and over and over until someone picks up the phone.  After all, someone has paid for the marketing, and the brokerage or agent is entitled to a return.  I disagree with this line of thinking, but I’m also not blind to know that these practices are happening.  Let’s look at something that happened to me recently in a different industry and see how I responded.

I was looking for a DJ for an event we have coming up.  I sent emails to six DJ’s.  3 responded.  Of the 3, 1 fellow came to our house and dropped off information that night, sent 3 emails per day the next three days, and called twice.  He was also over $2,500 more expensive than anyone else.  I found his methods too aggressive, but some in my group felt like he was doing the best job by showing the most interest.  He didn’t get our business.

In our real estate brokerage, we try to take things at face value.  If you call us to list your home, we will call you back.  Since the listing process can take months, we will certainly follow up, but we’re not going to “harass” you.  The same thing goes for buying a house.  We don’t look at it like we need to call and call and call and email and email just so that you know that we want to work with you.  Oddly enough, we’ve found that when a buyer or seller is interested in our services, they tend to respond to our communications, and when a potential buyer or seller doesn’t respond, it’s a sign of lack of interest or commitment.

Maybe I’m wrong.  Maybe the most aggressive agents up front get the most buyers.  But then again, maybe that’s partly why the general public has such a low opinion of real estate agents.