I see something about millennials at least once a week.  Millennials are selfish, Millennials don’t work hard, etc.  If you are in real estate sales, I urge you to stop with these awful generalizations.  It’s not good business practice to take an entire generation and say that you can’t work with them.  I’m actually surprised that this sort of thing even exists.

Treat Every One Of Your Clients As An Individual

One way to avoid this negative generational stereotyping is to look at every client as an individual.  Get to know your clients!  Don’t just make some broad generalization about their likes or dislikes, where they would want to live, etc.  This should be your main focus.  When you know what your client wants, you can provide a better service for them.  This is just common sense.

It’s Usually Not Generational; The Person You Are Dealing With Might Be A Jerk

I’ve read that Millennials don’t communicate well.  As a real estate agent, I’ve been ghosted more than once.    I can happily report that I get ghosted from Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Millennials.  It’s not really an age thing.  Usually, the person can’t buy a house, or there’s some other adventure that halts the home buying process for right now.  It’s even possible that they just don’t like me and have chosen a different real estate agent for their needs.

Millennials Feel Entitled

I’ve heard that there is a sense of entitlement around Millennials.  Again, I think it has more to do with individuals who happen to be jerks.  This idea that only the entire generation of Millennials is entitled doesn’t really show itself when I am showing them homes to buy, or if they are working with their families to sell a home.  At the very least, it’s no different than working with any other real estate clients

The Real Differences In Generations

It’s my thought that there is definitely a difference in how one should market to different groups.  But this isn’t just a generational thing.  For example, in Real Estate, when you are looking for listings, it’s probably best not to be focusing an ad spend on people who don’t own their own home.  Maybe there are some 18 year olds who own their own home, but on average, they make up a small minority of prospective listing clients.  Therefore, it would make sense to limit advertising to this group.

The type of advertising also matters.  As an example, the right medium to advertise to boomers may not be Snapchat.  Finding the right channel to market to a generation makes perfect sense.  Excluding an entire generation because of negative stereotypes does not, especially as a real estate agent.  You need clients to survive.  Why would you refuse to work with a certain group of people?

In closing, I urge you to take a closer look at how you are presenting yourself as a real estate agent to different age groups.  Don’t take an entire generation for granted, and don’t exclude an entire generation due to a negative experience with a client or a negative stereotype.  Work to open your real estate brokerage to all people looking to buy or sell real estate.