A series of disappointments.

Had a rough start to the show tonight…I had originally set up a livestream that went live immediately rather than when it was scheduled, so that was fun.

The beginning of the show was hampered by the microphone stand sinking during the broadcast.

We had story time after that. I bought a Rodecaster ProII sound board and it hasn’t been a smooth operation, by any stretch.

Lost a home buyer client, because they decided they were better off where they were.

My car is shifting and it’s a CVT transmission, so that is not great.

We talked about some tweets, car loan subprime delinquencies are up. That’s probably not a positive sign for the economy.

What does 2 million dollars get you in Maryland…a new home with a faucet that doesn’t work and toilets from Home Depot house brand.

KB home reported a 68% cancellation rate for the quarter, that’s probably not a harbinger of good things to come.

One of the articles we looked at a little closer involved the appropriate furnishings for a listing.

The final article was about housing starts going down while inventory going up. Probably not a great recipe for success in the future.

All this and much much more, enjoy!

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Mortgage Rates came in at 6.20 percent on a 30 year fixed today.

  1. Lost a buyer…..and it does irritate me
  2. Got my new Rodecaster Pro II
    a. Clicking sound….couldn’t resolve
    b. Can’t turn it off
    c. support takes More than 72 hours
    d. can’t turn on my computer when it is plugged in
  3. Car started shifting, but it’s a CVT transmission, so that’s probably not great
  4. Deal cancelled today for my seller….no warning…closing was Friday

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