Hey there! Welcome to the stream.

I haven’t streamed for like 10 days….we’ll discuss what happened and where we will go from here. Should be fun.

We started the show with where I’ve been. hint: sick….and tending to some other pressing issues
We then discussed some of the things that have happened since I’ve been gone. The dust, the sewer lateral update, and the purchase of some new voice equipment, which is pretty cool.

We took a look at the report that Greta Thunberg really wasn’t arrested in the video flying around the internets this past week. What was this about? Is getting fake arrested a badge of honor to some?

We took a look at a few tweets, mostly Darth Powell and Kira Mason Realtor…..Kira Mason makes a great point about how her market is positioned as a home buyer…how she would council her clients right now. and then Darth Powell had a fascinating tweet about where he thinks home prices have to be based on the median income and home price to make sense…it has to move much further down according to him. Now, this could change of course. Lower interest rates combined with lower median home prices would not be terrible for the housing market…it’s the swings that are what is really tough.

Finally, we looked at an article about the crushing loss of equity in some of California’s pricey San Francisco area where many tech companies have been hit with layoffs. While the numbers are pretty terrible, down 30% from highs isn’t bad if you bought before the highs, say in like 2017. If you did, you are still in great shape with your purchase.

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Mortgage Rates came in at 6.11 percent on a 30 year fixed today.

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  4. Dust

Google Trends….when you are “arrested, detained, etc.”


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