I was driving down Lindbergh the other day when I saw some real estate agent with a car wrap.  “Top dollar for your home” was the benefit of using this Realtor.  Somewhere, somehow, your advertising should appeal to your target audience.  Is top dollar for your home the best marketing to appeal to home sellers? What does a home seller want when selling a home?  Let’s wander through the tired advertising of real estate agents and see if we can find something that resonates.

Sell Your House With Me Because I Have Buyers

I’ve heard this advertisement before.  Something about this one agent has THOUSANDS of buyers just ready to buy your house the minute you list it with them.  If an agent really had thousands of buyers, they probably wouldn’t have any time to take on any listings.   Still, I thought this was an effective hook for a potential seller.  Then I was listening to the radio out of Buffalo, New York and heard the exact same ad with a different real estate agent.  No originality here I guess.

Sell Your House With Me Because I Advertise At The Grocery Store

I was at the grocery store the other day and I saw a pretty good agent advertising right at the front of the store.  It was somewhat surprising, because the particular area the agent was advertising in wasn’t where he does a ton of sales.  My thought is that his area store already has an agent so this was second best.  Have you ever selected your real estate agent because they were advertising at your grocery store?

Sell Your House With Me Because I Sell Homes Fast

There’s a really good team in St. Louis that has launched a new website around the idea that they sell houses fast.  There’s nothing in the advertising about quality, nothing in the article about pricing.  I think this certainly can appeal to home sellers.  After all, who wants to sell a home slowly?

Sell Your House With Me Because I Am Discounting My Value

On the radio, there’s a very nice real estate agent that explains how they will sell your home for less than what other real estate agents charge.  As proof of how wonderful they are, they let you know that they’ve sold some billion dollars’ worth of homes or something.  Quick question, if you are going to fold like a cheap tent on the value you bring to your sellers, what is going to keep you from doing the same when ANY offer to purchase comes in?

Sell Your House With Me Because I Make It Hassle Free

Now, here’s something that must appeal to home sellers!  They’ve finally found that one real estate agent that is going to make it easy to sell their home.  How is this agent going to do that?  I have no idea.  What if the seller is a hoarder?  Is it still going to be more hassle free than another agent?  We’ve talked about my “shower test” before.  Good luck with hassle free.

Sell Your House With Me Because I Guarantee I Will Buy It

Let me get this straight, I’m going to pay you to sell my house, but if it doesn’t sell, you are going to buy it?  Why don’t you just sell it in the first place?  I mean, that’s what I’m paying you to do.  Or, am I paying you to buy my house?  Wouldn’t you just buy my house first anyway and not have me pay you at all?  It’s so confusing, this home purchase guarantee.  Oddly enough, home sale guarantee guys went to home sells fast guys so I’m not sure if the guarantee worked out all that well.

Sell Your House With Me Because You Feel Sorry For Me

This might be the worst reason ever to list your home with a real estate agent.  So and so has had a really rough time and it would be really great if you can help them out by listing your house with them.  This sounds like a recipe for disaster!  Do you really want to be represented by a real estate that is desperate to get a check?  Do you think they are going to have your best interests in mind when the first offer comes in?

Sell Your House With Me Because I’m Attractive

Have you ever noticed there are those real estate agents who are more than happy to plaster their face over every piece of marketing material?  Did you ever notice something about them?  How does them being attractive going to sell your house?  I don’t want to be sexist either; I’ve seen plenty of men pull the same thing.

Sell Your House With Me Because I Am Honest

It seems like when you are looking for something you often get the exact opposite of what you were looking for.  Advertising honesty, trustworthiness, etc. is a good recipe for disaster.  I can’t prove it, but I think some of my clients have lied to me over the years.  In this way, I’m tarnished by others’ lies.  Seems like a bad advertising hook.

What Does A Home Seller Want When Selling A Home?

I’m curious to see what you write in the comments.  And, I’m more curious if what you wanted was embodied by the real estate agent you ended up choosing.  My own thought is that people like to work with people they are familiar with.  They want some sort of tie to the person, be that through a friend, family member, or business associate.  The majority of clients I have are from referrals of people I’ve done work with in the past.  This doesn’t mean I don’t advertise.  I am skeptical of the advertising hooks I commonly see, and I suspect you are too.