Close your eyes for a moment and picture a real estate agent.  What does he or she look like?  When I think about real estate agents, I’m constantly reminded of used car salesmen from the 70’s.  Greasy hair, smells like coffee and cigarettes.

It’s kinda funny.  With an image of our real estate agent, it doesn’t give us any sort of metric into how the agent would perform in the very important job of selling your home, or helping you to buy a new one.

The Realtor Headshot

I love looking at real estate agent headshots.  They seem to fall into four categories

  1. The glamour shots look from the 80’s. Typically from older agents who haven’t updated their profile picture in 30 years, when you see them in person they look nothing like the picture.
  2. The office stock photo. When new agents get hired on to their first brokerage, the office manager usually has the agent stand up against a wall and that picture follows the agent until they leave the business, even if they move to another brokerage!
  3. The selfie. Somewhat better than the broker picture, there is the agent selfie.  This is a fairly new phenomenon, because we’ve only had phones that can actually take a selfie for what, 10 years?
  4. The professional headshot. These photos are taken by professionals.  By far, the best route to go.  My photos are professionally done.  They weren’t cheap!  It isn’t easy getting my mug on camera.

When looking at real estate agents and their headshots, is there any way to determine their ability to sell your home better than someone else?  Does a prettier picture make them an expert?

Incidentally, I’ll see some agents from time to time that have that huge poof of hair; we used to call it “big hair”.  I don’t know if it helps to sell houses or not, but I do get jealous from time to time because the hair train left the station for me long ago.

Real Estate Agent Clothes

In the National Association of Realtors Pathways to Professionalism manual, we are to extend certain professional courtesies to all in the business.  #10 deals with two issues, let’s start with clothing.

“Present a professional appearance at all times; dress appropriately”

I’ve seen agents who show houses in shorts.

I’ve seen agents who show houses in what appear to be ball gowns.

I personally wear dress pants, dress shoes, and dress shirts.

When looking at agents and how they dress, is there any way to determine their ability to sell your home better than someone else?

Real Estate Agent Cars

The second part of the sentence in #10 in the Pathways to Professionalism manual, says

“and drive a clean car”

When a real estate agent pulls up to your house, do you notice what type of car they drive?  I drive a black late model Subaru Outback, andI don’t think I’ve ever had a client tell me that they liked or disliked my car. My car does get it a good wash and interior clean from time to time.

I’ve seen agents driving in

Black Cadillacs

Tesla SUV’s


The weird thing is that I know some of those agents aren’t able to afford those cars on what they make in real estate sales.  And, I don’t understand when real estate agents buy cars that don’t appear to fit the profession.  For example, a Mercedes coupe looks great, but it’s not really all that practical for showing houses or having signs in the back.

When looking at real estate agents and what they drive, is there any way to determine their ability to sell your home or help you buy a new one?  If you decide to list your home for sale with a certain agent, was it because of the car they drove?

On the above three instances, Realtor headshots, Realtor clothing, and Realtor cars, you as a client are presented with a choice.  In my own business, I work to follow the professional standards because I feel most comfortable in that environment.  My thought is that when you are given a choice between working with a professional and working with someone else, you should choose to work with the professional.  You may think differently.  The choice is entirely up to you.