Savvy-chic!  Sophisticated taste!  Well appointed!  We see these phrases in real estate marketing all the time.  I don’t think it really works, but it doesn’t hurt to try.  Similar to questioning real estate commercials, a listing agent in St. Louis is never going to advertise their listing is ugly.  Sometimes, they don’t even know there’s an issue because they might have been lied to.

Who does the Listing Agent Work For?

The listing agent’s job in St. Louis is to sell the home they are listing.  The tasks needed to sell this home vary, but they will have to write a marketing description that goes on every syndicated listing across the internet.  There’s no point in writing a critical review of a house when you are trying to sell it.

Here are some things you’ll never see in print.

“This house is awful!

“I wouldn’t let my dog live here!”

“There’s nothing about this house I can imagine any home buyer would actually want.”

“The carpet is nice except for that large blood stain in the bedroom”

“There are so many things wrong with this house they won’t all fit on the disclosure”

“If you pine for the 60’s, this kitchen is for you”

“Don’t try to open the locked closet in the basement.  Trust me.”

“If they would have just painted the house one color, and stuck to it, the house isn’t that bad”

Now, Listing Agents don’t want to flat out lie to buyer’s agents or their clients so they sort of send a signal in the marketing remarks.  Here are a few phrases you can look out for too.

“Needs a little TLC”

“Bring your hammer”


“Gently Worn”

“Eclectic taste”

“Wonderful street” When the street gets more attention in the remarks than the house, you should know what you are getting into.

Listing Homes For Sale Isn’t Easy

I hope this helps new home buyers get up to speed quickly.  A lot of times I take buyers out for the first day and they get really disappointed that the pictures and description aren’t what they thought they would be.  Don’t get discouraged.  There are lots of houses out there that aren’t horrid, you just have to find them.  This is where your buyer’s agent can really come into play.  You can tell them, “If you know we are going to see a disaster, please take it off the list”.  They will.  No real estate agent wants to take their client to a house they aren’t ever going to buy.   Well, I take that back. Sometimes, I like to go see train wrecks just like anyone else.