I recently read some advice from Marte Cliff, a real estate copywriter out of Idaho.  Her writing is always fabulous and on point, but the blog, “Real Estate Success Attracts Real Estate Success” couldn’t be more true.  How can one have success as a real estate agent in St. Louis?  I’ve got a few thoughts on this and I’ve shared them below.

Positive Mindset With Buyers

As real estate agents, it is so important to have a positive mindset.  No client wants to work with a loser or debby downer when buying a house is supposed to be one of the more exciting moments of your life.  There are going to be times where your client is frustrated.  There could be issues finding a house that suits them.  There could be issues with financing.  The home inspection can come back with scary words on them, like “significant damage”, or “needs immediate replacement”  In those times, your buyer needs to be working with an agent who doesn’t discredit issues, but looks to solve them in a positive way.

Positive Mindset With Sellers

The positive real estate agent mindset doesn’t stop with clients looking to buy their dream home.  It is crucial when listing a home for sale.  When you list a home for sale, doubts can creep into the seller’s mind, which can cause odd decisions.  One of the first negative thoughts is that the seller might think that no one will buy their house.  If a house is priced right, from experience, the house will sell.  Another one is when it comes to the area of inspections.  Home inspectors working for the buyer are always going to find things wrong with the house.  It’s important to approach the inevitable issues with selling a home with the same positive mindset.

People Are Naturally Drawn To Success

The top real estate team sold more than 600 homes last year in the Saint Louis metro area.  The second best team “only” sold a little more than 400.  Other agents didn’t do so well, maybe going 0 for the year.  Why?  One of the reasons, it seems, is that success builds on more success.  If you have multiple open houses every weekend, there are buyers who are unrepresented that are sure to walk through the door.  At that same open house, there could be other potential sellers in the neighborhood looking to work with someone they want to get to know better, and the open house is a great first step in doing so.

You Can Influence Others Perception Of Your Success

Marte writes that she seemingly stepped on a hornet’s nest when she once wrote about dressing like a professional.  I’ve seen real estate agents wearing ball gowns to showings, I’ve seen agents wearing shorts and flip flops, and one of the worst offenses I see is people with dog or cat hair all over their clothes.  This is a discredit to our profession, but it also doesn’t lead to success.  If you want to show people you are worth a million bucks, you should be dressing like it.

The car you drive doesn’t have to be new, or even without a few dings, but how hard is it to spend a few bucks and get it washed before you go show property?  If a potential client sees you dressed well with a clean car, contrast that with the bum in flip flops and a Jeep.  Whether or not it’s fair, people form perceptions of you based on what they see and what you say.

Failure is like a dark cloud

Have you ever been around a failure in life, or someone down on their luck?  How did that person look?  Where they standing up straight, chin up, or were they hunched over, rarely making eye contact?  As real estate agents, we will often get bad news.  For example, a house you have under contract doesn’t appraise.  Or, a buyer walks out of the contract. Losing a listing opportunity to another agent who you know and don’t particularly like is always good for a kick in the shins.  In these times, it’s easy to get down and let one bad thing bleed into other transactions that have nothing to do with one another.  Don’t let that happen to you!  I can’t prove it but I think we all use our senses and our perception much more than we know.  It extends to initial sales calls.  If you meet a potential client for the first time, and you have no confidence in getting the listing, you will not get the listing.  If you are talking with a potential buyer and you seem aloof and inattentive, they will use someone else.

Avoid All Negative Self Talk

We can be great at tearing ourselves down as real estate agents.  It’s the worst thing you can do.  When a deal goes south, you can choose to say, “This happens all the time”, or “Wow, that was a tough one, but it will work out”.  One is positive and one is negative.  My opinion is that we are composed of the thoughts we keep.  If day after day after day you tell yourself you are an awful real estate agent, you are.  If you say you’ll never sell 10 houses in a month like the agent in the next cubicle, you won’t.  My children do this sort of thing, so it isn’t just agents.  They say that they’ll never make the varsity team, or they’ll never get an A on their math test.  That sort of thinking is for losers.  You have to be positive and find gratitude in every part of your life.  Well, I guess you don’t have to, but being negative all the time is definitely not a way to conduct your business or live.

You Define Your Success

In closing, you define your own success as a real estate agent.  Some agents look to do 100 deals a year, and some agents look to do 4.  Your ability to succeed in the industry is heavily involved in how you define success.  If you continually do things that counter your ability to succeed, you will not succeed.  Mindset is important, and so is action.  You have to think positively and act.  If you can’t do those things, maybe you should be doing something else?