Along with the usual and fun banter tonight we will take a look at a story from Redfin that details that more home sellers are giving buyers concessions. Is this something I am seeing as well?

There’s a theme that says something like millennials can’t get housing, so they have to live together in groups and this increase in groups is the increase in demand for housing…I don’t know that I agree with that. Let’s take a look and discuss.

Finally, now that the market has turned, home buyers have decided their best recourse is to sue the real estate agents who helped them acquire their home in the first place. Seems like a terrible strategy.

We’ll also go over tweets, some google trends, and more, come join me!

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Mortgage Rates came in at 6.20 percent on a 30 year fixed today.

  1. Gosh it feels good to help 1st time homebuyers
  2. Figuring out a real estate deal…there’s stuff that goes into it that isn’t always obvious.

McDonalds laying off workers? Also some odd takes on what happened.

Skip Bayless…some odd takes on what may be going on.

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A record share of home sellers are giving concessions to buyers?

What does homebuying look like for millennial home buyers?

More real estate agents being sued to recoup lost home value?

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