A couple in Arnold were going to move to a new home and sell a condo.  They didn’t.

A woman in Sunset Hills was going to sell a home she inherited.  She hasn’t.

A dentist was looking to move to a new home in St. Louis City after landing a new job in an established practice.  He didn’t

A couple in Hazelwood was going to sell their home and move to a new home in Pevely, MO.  That didn’t happen.  They actually got divorced.

A woman in Affton was going to sell one of her 2 homes during the summer.  That was two summers ago and it still isn’t listed.

A couple in Florissant was going to sell their home in the spring and move to a new construction home in St. Charles.  They haven’t.

Another young couple was going to buy a house in South City together.  They broke up.  No home will be purchased.

A couple in Webster Groves was going to get married, sell both of their houses, and move into a new home.  The wedding was called off.

These stories are unfortunately all too common for real estate agents.  When you add up the commissions, there is a lot of money sitting there that I’m not going to be getting.  There’s no commission guarantee when working with real estate clients.  Some home sellers and home buyers will come back, but we don’t know when so we can’t really count on that income.


The more time you spend as a real estate agent with people who are not actively buying or selling homes, the less money you make.


I’ve often said that real estate sales is a game of failure.  You have to be able to pick yourself up from disappointments quickly and move on.  But it’s not easy.


What are your stories of real estate disappointments?  In the cases to start this post, not one of these people has chosen another real agent over me.  Life just happened in such a way that these people aren’t able to do what they originally intended.  And, in some of these cases, these people are going through real traumatic issues, it’s probably best that they aren’t currently looking to buy or sell a new home.


Over the years, I’ve kept a thought that is pertinent to the real estate struggle.  Don’t spend a commission check before you actually get the commission check.  Had I’d gone out and spent all of these potential commission checks; we’d be in a terrible place today.